Hello world!

Probably the most overused sentence in the history of programming and internet. So simple, yet so elegant. So why bother reinventing the wheel when it just works? Why not use what is already there and use it to make everyone’s life easy? Specially when it comes to our first ever blog post!

Welcome to Nexus Bytes blog, or as we like to call it, Nexus Bytes bits and bytes! Bit too Bytey? Yeah, you can blame Uncle Bob for that.

We will be using this medium/outlet/blog to communicate with our family members, hopefully not with just boring contents, but also with news updates, tutorials, random thoughts, chatters and what not. The idea is really simple, we like to stay connected with you.

Talking about staying connected, have you followed us on twitter yet? If you haven’t, please follow us on Twitter @NexusBytesLLC to stay connected with us.

With that said, till the next post, “See ya soon”.