DirectAdmin 101

Accessing DirectAdmin control panel:

If you just installed DA (Directadmin) server for the first time, you will be accessing using your DA installation by navigating to “Your-Server-IP:2222” using your favorite web browser.

Your default username is “Admin” and you will be provided with your default password that was provided you at the end of your installation.

If you have received your login credentials for your Reseller Hosting account or Web Hosting account, you will be able to access using the details provided in your welcome e-mail.

Understanding access level

Unlike most of your traditional control panels, where admins/resellers/users would have a separate portal for different tasks, DirectAdmin brings everything into one panel/portal. However, where DA (Directadmin) shines is, how and what type of information’s are displayed and to who.

There are 3 different access level and depending on your account type, you may see all 3 of them (Admins), only 2(Resellers) or none (Users).

Where do I see the access level and how do I switch?

Access level can be seen and switched by clicking on the “Access Level” drop down, which is located on the right hand side of the control panel, right before the username. You can switch between access level by selecting the appropriate one.

Access level names are pretty much self explanatory. Curious to know more? Check out this extensive how to use DirectAdmin tutorials from none other than the awesome DirectAdmin team.