Nexus Bytes: Announcing EntryBytes (Not an April fool prank)

Entry Bytes Logo

Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Thank you for your continued business and thank you for being a member of the Nexus Bytes Family :).

Over the months and years, we have asked you for your valuable feedback, that continues to pave the way for our services and offerings. We appreciate you for not only taking the time to communicate with us, but also for continuing to help us, becoming the better version of ourselves. Thank you!

One of the most commonly shared feedback was, can we bake something bigger and lesser, with the similar Nexus Bytes delicious spice. Not only did we listen to your suggestions and ideas, but we actually cooked up a whole new division, to accommodate your requests!

Today, we are excited to announce our affordable sub-brand, EntryBytes: Purveyor of quality affordable VPS

Powered by the same loving and caring team, that you have known since day 1. By separating our brands, we will able to develop additional services and offerings, which also paves the way for future affordable offerings under the Entry Bytes lineup, while continuing to bake more awesomeness within Nexus Bytes current offerings.

This is not an April Fool joke and what we said above, we were serious about it!

There is no better way to announce this awesome update, but to share the following amazing promotions:

Limited promo codes: 

Am-I-A-Joke-To-You-?(30) – 30% recurring discount
Am-I-A-Joke-To-You-?(25) – 25% recurring discount
Am-I-A-Joke-To-You-?(20) – 20% recurring discount

Eligible plans:
EntryBytes VPS Plans (Entry and Inter)

Payment Terms:
Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual.

Select Family perks available. Please confirm eligibility here.

Once again, we would like to thank you, for your valuable partnership and being a member of the Nexus Bytes Family 🙂